Personal Training

BRSC has expanded its offering for personal training! Take a look at our trainers and the different types of personal training they provide.
Reach out to our trainers to set up a personal training session!

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MICHELLE EVANS: (208-850-2946) 

Specializing in Injury Prevention, TRX training. Michelle has been a trainer for 18 years and is certified as a Nutrition consultant and weight loss specialist through NASM.
"Let's get stronger together"
*Virtual training is available*

CHRISTINE KUZMA: (208-859-7335)

Specializes in Athletic Training, she has experience with CrossFit and TRX. She has her personal training with ACE and has been PT for over 20+ years.
"Find your Strong"
*Virtual training is available*

Jeanette light: (208-850-5838) 

Jeanette is a certified personal trainer through ISSA and has been training clients for over 20 years. She specializes in Functional Training and Assisted Stretching, along with general fitness.
"You're worth it"

*Virtual training is also available*

Dave Massie: (208-863-4818)

Dave has been a personal trainer and weight room supervisor for 35 years. He has a master's degree in Exercise Physiology from Boise State University. Dave works closely with his clients to achieve better health, strength, fitness and flexibility. He will make you fitter and stronger, enhancing your confidence, mobility, and self-esteem.